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The web sites, I love the best:

Joseph Luft's Philatelic Resources

Scott Kitchen's Home Page

Paintings and art on stamps, Manta

Chuck's Philatelic Links

Jan Vidar's Stamp Page


Introduction: Welcome to my new home page still being under construction.

Sorry for the outlook, but as for editing HTML files, I'm a beginner.

Stamp collecting has been my favourite pastime since my childhood, but to some

extent, I'm a beginner in this field, too.

I'm a 42 years old agricultural engineer, economist, one of the owners and managers of an export company selling wine products to Russia and other ex-

C.I.S. countries.

I offer almost everything from Hungary (I mean stamps), just let me know, what

you need. I'd like to trade with stamps, I mean, I need paintings stamps from

the whole world in exchange. See my want list below.

If you need something from Hungary 

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